Monthly Archives: October 2012

This past Sunday Kibbutz Yarok got to rep Camp Newman at the Marin JCC’s Sukkot Harvest Festival. Emily Rogers, Avodah 2011, came out to volunteer for the day. We had a booth across from Urban Worm, Urban Adamah’s worm composting company, and we spent they day making clay seed balls with the community.

Seed balls are golf ball sized clay balls that you fill with seeds. The clay protects the seeds from birds and creates a great little bed for the seed to germinate in when the rain comes and washes away the clay. Once you make the ball you can just toss it anywhere, into a nearby field or your own backyard. We filled the seed balls with California native flowers and new years intentions.

It was great to see the vision of earth-conscious community starting to become a reality at the Harvest Fair. There was a farmer’s market, natural dyes with wilderness torah, Urban Adamah’s worm composting, crafts, and more. Here is to a year of community transformation and action!